Did you know...

  • 70% of surgeons develop pain during their professional life while performing minimally invasive surgery
  • Scarce and highly educated operating assistants now have to hold a camera during an operative procedure
  • Use of 3D camera's causes nausea for < 60 % of OR Staff
  • Mofixx is created in close cooperation between Indes and UMC Utrecht
  • Inspiration is derived from the theater industry, where 'scenes' are used in every act - just like during an operation, where every act needs a different point of view

3 most important problems during minimal invasive surgery (MIS):

  • Non ergonomic position of the staff

  • Growing shortage of OR staff

  • Use of 3D camera's causes nausea of OR Staff

 3 main advantages of Mofixx: 

  • More working space in the surgery handling area, which results in better ergonomics
  • Possibility of solo surgery, less OR personal needed (no one needed to hold the camera)
  • More stable images, in particular with 3D


The Mofixx trocar holding system is a dedicated holder for laparoscope and instruments that improves quality and efficiency during minimal invasive procedures. The surgeon has full control of Mofixx and is able to adjust the camera position with one hand. The Mofixx holding system provides optimal flexibility resulting in more stable images and more space for procedures. Fixed to be flexible.

Single Surgeon Operation

Mofixx is a relative simple tool which enable a surgeon to have full control with only one button. With one push on the button, the surgeon loosens the trocar holding system, repositions the camera, fixates the camera position and can proceed the surgery. With Mofixx, there's no need for an OR assistant holding a camera for two or three hours. Which means less neck pain and less RSI in shoulders and arms. The CE-marked Mofixx system is being used for many bariatic, gynecologic, urologic, chardio-thoracic and general surgery procedures.

Drag and drop

Mofixx fixates endoscopes (and other instruments) in any desired position. By pushing a switch on the endoscope it can be repositioned single handed and in an intuïve way, “drag and drop”. 

Positive effects

Mofixx is a product that enables surgeons to execute MIS procedures with improved quality and improved cost-efficiency. The benefits of using Mofixx are the improved working conditions for both surgeon and OR-assistant, stable image and the reduction of the number of people needed for a MIS-procedure.

  • better ergonomics in OR for both surgeon and OR-assistant

  • more stable images, in particular with 3D.

  • possibility of solo surgery

  • more working space in the surgery handling area

  • cost reduction per procedure

Improving ergonomics.

DCX drive and GPX gear

maxon motor was involved in the project during the development of the Mofixx. A maxon actuator is used to fixate the clamps. The actuator consist of a DCX drive and a GPX gear. An outstanding track record in medical applications and the compact power ratio were decisive to select a maxon drive for Mofixx.

INDES & UMC Utrecht

UMC Utrecht decided to involve Indes in the further development of Mofixx. The two parties already work together for several years and Indes is known for creating products people rely on in their daily life.



Only 1 hand is needed to adjust the position of the endoscope.

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