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  • A fifth of everyone older than 40 will develop heart failure (Medical Device Developments, 2015 ).
  • Only half of these patients can be managed effectively through medication (Medical Device Developments, 2015 ).
  • Aortix could replace high-risk surgical devices and lengthy hospital stays with a low-risk outpatient cardiology procedure (Medical Device Developments, 2015).
  • The Aortix intra-aortic pump boosts blood flow with fluid entrainment to relieve the heart of almost 40% of its workload (Machine Design, 2014).

Saving lives without surgery.

World’s first catheter-deployed circulatory assist device for long-term use, Aortix. Procyrion Inc.'s Aortix provides a minimally invasive treatment option for millions of chronic heart failure patients who are to sick for medication. Dramatically reducing risks associated with circulatory support devices and enables treatment of younger, healthier patients before progressive heart damage occurs. 

Anchors affix the pump to the aortic wall.

Aortix provides minimal procedural risk. Measuring approximately 6 mm in diameter and 6.5 cm long, a cardiologist can deliver Aortix via a catheter in the femoral artery to the descending thoracic aorta. Once the catheter sheath is retracted, the self-expanding nickel-titanium anchors deploy to affix the pump to the aortic wall.


The pump has a diameter smaller than that of a pencil (Machine Design, 2014). The pump’s small size and unique design enable placement to be as quick and simple as a 10-minute outpatient procedure (Bio News Texas, 2015).

maxon EC 6 motor

The continuous-flow pump has a dc motor that drives an impeller at speeds to 30,000 rmp This brushless DC motor is the second smallest drive in the maxon family.

Always improving.

maxon further miniaturized their motors, resulting in a custom, 4 mm diameter micro-motor that allows significantly less invasive deployment and retrieval.

Technology used for the extraction of oil applied to the heart.

In order to design Aortix as a first-in-class blood pump, Procyrion focused on taking theories that were proven in other applications and combining them with advances in motor technology. maxon’s breadth of experience across multiple industries among which the oil & gas industry, enabled them to help the Procyrion team successfully transfer this technology to a miniature scale medical application. Although the magnetic coupling is typically used in much larger oilfield pumps, Procyrion and maxon collaborated to successfully miniaturize it for use with Aortix.

This configuration allows complete hermetic sealing of the motor, eliminating the risk of blood entering the motor core. 



The product increases the amount of blood the heart pumps by 10-15%, while simultaneously lowering its energy needs by 40%.

Caring about the future.

In addition to addressing chronic heart failure in adults, Procyrion aims to adapt its catheter-deployed circulatory assist device to meet the needs of children with congenital heart defects. It believes treatment of heart failure in younger and healthier patients will allow for intervention before years of progressive damage occur (Medical Device Developments, 2015 ).

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